14 December 2007

the 80s

for most people my age, we remember the 80s with fondness. which was why last weekend, some friends and i hosted a christmas party to wax nostalgic about the good old days. it was a great thing that most everyone came prepared, probably because we said there was going to be a punishment for those that didn't come in costume (which didn't really happen, because the guys got to the booze first).

notice the effort that was put in by my friends..

that was a lot of fun, i must say. it's a good thing they were all "game" to dress up, even my-boys-at-the-office showed up!

so here's to the start of the party season. an early "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to you, from me and my friends!

*some pictures from chilli d, chilli f and pretty m

more pictures from my cam


  1. ang saya naman!

    merry christmas ays! kelangan na natin makalabas sa 2008 ha!

  2. hi rots!oo naman, 2008 oki! sama kita next time sa party..though puro peoplesoft mga to, i think you know some of them.

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    nice fishnet! =)

  4. ngayon ko lang nakita to, nakakatuwa yung fishnet ko. haha


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