07 November 2007

the indian adventure - part 2.5

* still in rajasthan....

we were famished by the time we left the fort, and it was a thirty minute drive back to the hotel. we just simply couldn't wait. fortunately, i had seen a familiar sign while we were driving around town. what could be more assuring to any traveller around the world than to see the beloved golden arch.

*mcveggie burger, chicken masala pizza meal

late afternoon was spent going around jaipur, passing briefly by the jal mahal...

looking at giant sun dials and learning astronomy at the jantar mantar. did you know that the largest sun dial in the world can be found here in jaipur, and that it can tell time to an accuracy of two seconds? fascinating, isn't it? not that that would be your main reason for visiting to india, but still good information to know...

just outside of jantar mantar are several museums which didn't allow photographs to be taken. one was all about the former maharajas, the other was a very large weapons collection, which chilli a didn't quite enjoy. the things happening while we were walking from one place to the next were more interesting.

like meeting the maharaja's "person" (our guide actually called him that, and i don't know what that means. butler, maybe?)...

watching snake charmers perform...

and trying out the local ice cream (made with goat's cheese. very creamy and sweet, with a hint of ginger)

what trip would not be complete without a little (or a lot!) of shopping. we spent quite a few hours looking at a lot of beautiful things that we were tempted to take everything home with us.
jaipur is know for it's beautiful blue pottery...

gemstone paintings, and precious stones that cost relatively lower than in singapore or in manila..

and colorful pashmina and silk shawls, drapes, and saris. this is where vibrant colors are on full display, all the time. like this lady walking on the streets (pic from chilli a)..

inspired by this, we all decided to go with miss r's plan of buying something like that for ourselves and wear it someplace special. santosh brought us to his friend's store, who kindly made our dresses and delivered them the next day to the hotel before we continued on our journey. of course, we had to do some fitting to get the size just right.(pic from chilli a)

back at the hotel, we were tired but still happy at what we've seen and done for the day. it was time to relax and settle down with a few drinks at the colorful rooftop bar, and watch the sun set over jaipur.(pic from miss r)

the next day, we set off for agra...


  1. I'm envious... lovely, exotic adventure you're having. :)

  2. ays, mala-abangan ang susunod na kabanata ang entries mo hahahah!! bagay kayo ng majarajah :) tandaan mo ang horoscope: humanap ng panget :P

  3. hello!
    thanks..it was really exotic!

    aoi, ganon talaga, kelangan paunti unti, kasi daming masayang experience to share.
    the guy was parang butler lang nung maharajah..cute no?!
    tama ka dyan sa horoscope..haha!


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