05 November 2007

the indian adventure - part 2

**warning: prepare to scroll down...

17th-18th: in the morning, we were up bright and early, eager to get on the road for rajasthan. leaving behind the streets of new delhi, we encountered a small traffic jam before getting on to the major highway.

in the first few minutes, there were very few words exchanged between us and our driver, santosh. thankfully, miss r is very familiar with indian culture and showbusiness, and was able to make small talk. that broke the ice. santosh put on some indian music to get us in the mood. and might i say that although we couldn't understand the lyrics, the rythm of the songs was enough to wake us up. we did a little dancing inside the car, which amused santosh very much. and probably those stuck in traffic staring inside our car.

as in any country, driving along the highways, you'll see many interesting things. on the road, there were a lot of trucks with this charming sign on their tails:

this simply means, if you want to overtake, just blow your horn, and the truck will move to the left side of the road and let you pass. we encountered a lot of these trucks on the road for the rest of the trip. so you can imagine how much our driver took advantage of this sign. surprisingly, we got used to it and were able to take naps on the long drive.

a few hours later, the driver told us we had arrived in rajasthan. it became more apparent, because for a while there, all we saw around us was miles and miles of desert:

and where there's a desert, there are these beautiful creatures nearby:

we arrived in amber in the afternoon, and one of the first things we saw from afar was the amber fort. we were going there the next day, but we just couldn't resist taking pictures from inside the car. our driver took pity on us and stopped to let us out. we got down to take some shots and were immediately surrounded by vendors selling everything from postcards, to shirts and even a camel ride. we simply shook our heads and proceeded with the mission at hand. that is amber fort from afar:

exploring the fort would have to wait for the next day. a few minutes later, we entered the famed pink city, jaipur.

inside the city, all buildings and stores run on the same color theme. it was chaotic, to say the least. but there was some serious shopping done here. one we'll call "the pashmina and saree hoarding incident". by evening, we'd gotten hungry and asked santosh to bring us to a local restaurant, preferably one with entertainment. and like spoiled kids, we got our request.

there was dinner, trying out the local beer and dancing with the locals..

the next day, we set out very early to get in line to go up to amber fort. there are three options to get up to the fort: take a hike, drive, or ride an elephant. guess what we chose? when we arrived, there was already a queue for the elephant ride. but we were undeterred. there are quite a few things you can do while waiting in line. like haggle with vendors for souvenirs, wait for the vendors to mention "philippines" when they ask where you come from (we never heard it). or check out other tourists, particularly the good-looking ones..

but thoughts of other tourists fly right out the window when you realize you will be going on an uphill trail riding on the back of an elephant. may i just mention that there is no comfortable way to sit on top of an elephant? you'll be struggling to keep your balance everytime it moves its legs.

getting to the fort started our picture-taking frenzy. everywhere we turned, there was something beautiful to look at. who wouldn't want to capture sights like women working in colorful garb....

or the maharaja's palace overlooking the fort that made us feel like someone was watching us.

and just to appreciate the architecture and the attention to detail that came with building this structure on top of a mountain.


our guide noticed this and patiently waited for us to get out of our photography daze, just enough to tell us the history of the fort, and a little bit more about indian culture and royalty. we took a little break to just hang out and watch other tourists go around the place. and in reviewing the shots we've taken, realized we haven't taken too many pictures of ourselves. and we couldn't have that, could we?

we left the fort a little after lunch. we were supposed to have lunch back at the hotel. but we wanted a taste of some indian fast food. where did we go? that's up next...

more rajasthan pictures here


  1. ohmygarsh nakakainggit!! Hija, bagay sa yo yang saree (?) sa last pic mo

  2. hi nins! nakita mo na ba yung pic sa agra? mawiwindang ka don..napagkamalan akong lokal..hehe

  3. punjabi beauty ka daw eh! naalala ko sa yo yung sa national geographic, i cannot remember yung tawag sa kanya, basta yung babae na naka talukob yung ulo and mysterious ang mata :p

    hayaan mo pag nagkita tayo eh magtatanong ako saaan ang money changer :p

  4. haha..yung girl na maganda yung eyes. wish ko lang kasing ganda yung sa kin nung kanya.
    tatanong mo lang kung san ha. wag ka lang manghingi ng pera..


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