12 November 2007

the indian adventure - conclusion

late afternoon, we arrived in new delhi. since our first day, we weren't able to go around much on this city, santosh made a big effort to take us to the place's important sights. in a show of indian hospitality, he welcomed us to his home to meet his wife and kids.

needless to say, we were touched by this gesture. his wife made some chai (tea) and offered us biscuits for afternoon snacks.

on our way out of their house, we met a nice old lady smoking on her hookah. chilli a had the privilege of trying it out.

miss r's pic, modified a little by moi..

we had another solemn moment when we visited the rajghat .

the last place we visited was the red fort. unfortunately, we didn't have time to go inside. well, besides the fact that it was closed for the night, we had a plane to catch.

so aside from seeing some amazing things and meeting nice people in india, i learned something from this trip. well, several actually. first, that bollywood stars are really gorgeous. second, goat cheese tastes great. third, it's not the number of people who go with you on a trip that matters. there's a sense of intimacy (not to mention convenience) in travelling with a few (and good) friends. and lastly, travelling should be more about collecting stamps in your passport. it should ultimately make you let go of your preconceived notions of people and places.

this concludes my recollection of our little indian adventure. i hope you've enjoyed checking out the pictures and are encouraged to visit it at least once. i guarantee that it is definitely worth it.

now on to the next adventure(s)..

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