30 November 2007

another weekend trip

while i'm grateful that i'm living and working in singapore right now, there's another place that's fast climbing my "countries i'd jump at the chance to live and work in" list. hongkong. i'm loving it a lot, i've had no qualms about visiting it twice this year. the first one was in february with my college buddies, and the latest was with my family.

as a triple birthday treat to my youngest sis, older brother and my dad, the four of us went there for a weekend getaway.

colored art installation at the ifc

view from the top of ifc mall

the last time i went to ocean park, it was the height of summer and the place was packed. so getting on to the rides took a long time. but this time of year, it's really cold and there were few visitors to the park. this gave my brother and my dad the perfect opportunity to ride the rollercoaster. TWICE!

we spent time at the po lin monastery in lantau island to see the iconic giant buddha. it's a good thing i visited the place again, because i discovered my previous tripmates and i missed walking along the "wisdom path" which ended near lantau peak.

giant bell inside the monastery

at the end of the path is a hill with giant wooden planks formed in a circle, carved with chinese inscriptions. my dad says jackie chan practiced his kung fu moves on top of those planks. but i seriously doubt that. my brother was happy enough having his picture taken with a real-life monk.

at tussaud's, we had fun walking through wax replicas of celebrities. my dad was game enough to include himself in rembrandt's painting...

while i felt up aaron kwok...

and for a moment, i was mrs. beckham

there were other places we went to in hongkong. most, if not all, i've already been to. but there's something special about going to places with your family, isn't there? makes it more meaningful. so, to the three celebrants in the family, i hope you enjoyed the trip as much as i did!

p.s.:aside from this being the first out-of-country family trip (sans my mom and elder sister), it was also my first time to ride a helicopter. but that story's for another time...

more hongkong pics here


  1. katuwa talaga pag family outing, no? :)

  2. foy! oo no, iba pa rin pag family ang kasama

  3. ays! kakainggit yong touch mo sa guy's six abs ha! me six abs ba sya?! hehehe! KINOPYA KO PA EVER!!! HAHAHAHAH

  4. Wow, that first photo looks cool. The large object looks like a warped Rubik's Cube, LOL.

    Massa P @ fruityoaty.com

  5. hi reynz!meron nga syang six-pack...sa wax ha. di ko lang alam in real life.

    hi massa p..yep, its cool. there's a green and blue version of that too.


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