02 October 2007

the mid autumn lantern festival

at this time of the year, singapore celebrates the mid autumn festival. the highlights of the celebration are mooncakes and lanterns. last saturday, my friends and i took a trip out west to see the lantern display at the chinese gardens. and though it took almost an hour by train from my place here in the east, i must say the trip was worth it.

we got there around 5:30, while the sun was still up. we took a stroll around and took some pictures..

and when night came, the place was lit up with pretty big lanterns. this year's theme was the underwater world, so there were lots of sea creatures around the gardens.more pictures here


  1. Ola ayzbebe,
    naks naman! talaga masugid ang kanyang pagprapractice...eto ay using your new baby right?
    i especially like the first pic on top...nakuha mo yung reflection dun sa tubig :D

  2. hallo! of course, it's with my baby..hehe. kelangan magpractice for india..i'm getting the hang of it, kahit wala ka, dear teacher!

    i love that shot too..

  3. ey great! tas magcontribute ka sa magazine ni Liana, i think she will be interested in the India story :) , if you want tandem kayo ni Eypooh ...

    oo ako nagturo mag auto hahahahah! some teacher ;)

  4. ay oo nga no! baka mafeature ulit si eypooh!

    ok naman ang auto, pero these days, i'm trying out the manual settings..pinapahirapan ko sarili ko..


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