29 October 2007

the india adventure - part 1

16th: we left singapore at 11 am and arrived in new delhi at about 9pm (india time is about 2.5 hours behind singapore). the plane made a quick stopover in bangkok to take in some more passengers. me and my tripmates, chilli a and miss r slept through that stop, waking up only when the flight attendants would hand out food (the goat cheese!).

you'd think we'd be cranky from that long flight. hardly. we were met at the airport by our first guide, basheer and driver (and would-be constant companion throughout the trip), santosh. with leis. now that's a warm welcome.

in the car, basheer briefed us on our itinerary. and made small talk about new delhi. my first impression: new delhi is like manila. there was traffic, major construction of flyovers and highways, street peddlers, lots of motorcycles, and crazy drivers. first stop, dinner. we expected nan bread and chapatti, chicken biryani, all those indian food, but were amused when we went into a chinese restaurant. i guess they didn't want us to go into immediate culture shock.

on the way to the hotel, we passed by several office buildings, residential areas and the india gate. this big structure consist of about 41,000 names of indian soldiers who died in the first world war. around it is a picnic area where the locals hang out. think rizal park on sundays.

we got off the car to take pictures, and went closer to the gate. curious locals, mostly children, surrounded us. it was about 11 pm when we reached the hotel. that's 1am singapore time. we were exhausted from the flight, but were excited for the next day. there was more to come...

more new delhi pictures here


  1. hahah ganda naman ng garlands nyo!
    ilike this last pic in the blog entry mo, sige silipin ko mamaya yung buong album mo :)

  2. wow! nagtour kayo sa India? saya naman nyan :)

    hanggang Bintan at KL lang ako e :(

  3. hi ays! tama ka nga--parang manila! that's what i also thought when i saw the flyovers. hehehe. but delhi's more chaotic and dusty though. tsaka ang daming ibon! (consequently, also more bird poop.)

    i really like your last pic--how did you do the fishbowl effect?

    can't wait to see the rest of your photos!!

  4. hahaha delhi leg pa lang din nasusulat mo! hahaa

  5. hi melai! yup..nagtour nga kami sa incredible india. incredible nga sya!

    hi jennie jill!at maraming cows! i have a special lens for the fishbowl look..hehe.

    eypooh! oo noh..ikaw rin, start ka na!


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