04 July 2007

weekend highlanders

if we were in the philippines and we wanted to escape the heat of the city, we'd all probably head to baguio or tagaytay. but since my friends and i are in singapore, we have a choice between theme-park genting or quiet cameron highlands in malaysia. last weekend, we chose the calm of cameron.

after a nine-hour bus ride, we thought we'd already escaped the chill from the bus airconditioner that caused us a very uncomfortable sleep (except for someone who smartly brought a malong). we stepped out of the bus and were greeted by cold air. thankfully, this one was better, because the sun was up and added a little warmth. on the first stop of the tour, we were greeted by lush greens which turned out to be well maintained rows and rows of tea plants.

let me tell you, they take their tea seriously here. which explains why there's no "cafeteria". there is, however, a "tea'ria".
aside from the tea and the climate, cameron is famous for flowers...
and amazingly, cacti, in a place they call cactus valley. a strange name, considering that the place is located on top of a hill.
and their most famous product of all: strawberries. it's almost an obssession in this town, really. you can find all sorts of strawberry products here, and it's not just for eating.

our trip ended in the morning. i took one last shot of the greens. in the bus, someone just had to take that shot of the rearview mirror.
there was a very quick stop at kl to change buses (and a glimpse of the towers), where we ended up in a "super v.i.p. coach express" back to singapore with vcd movies of our choice.
so if you're in singapore and want to get out of the city for a while, i'd recommend going up here. it's a nice place for relaxation. if you decide to go up, let me know if there was a grumpy tour guide, and if you're pinoy, do not make a face when you notice the name of the tour company. you won't get that last part unless you go there.


  1. The place is WINNER!~ Weee!~

    I pretty noticed that the first two photos, the lush greens, resembles the Windows XP default desktop background. Hehehe.

  2. hi jake, winner talaga. you should go there.

    oo nga no, i didnt notice that. :)


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