21 July 2007

the library

this is the reason for my not posting as often as i should these days. my room is turning into a mini-library, so i have a lot of catching up to do.
genres include chick-lit (aka. mush, brain candy, stuff that fill your head with unrealistic notions of the l-word), inspirational (aka. stories that make you rethink your life), movie-lit (aka. stories that were/will be turned into movies), and recently-discovered, man-lit (aka. stories made by men, in the hope of making us women understand their psyche better), and "gabo"-books (all that magical realism which i seriously love).

oh yeah, and then there's "digital photography for beginners", "photoshop for dummies" and my baby's user manual (a constant read!).

so many books, so little time...


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    haha! i share the same sentiment.:)

    at sinful ang harris book sale ha! hmmp! :p

    - dayOHbee -

  2. hi dyo-babe!

    grabe yung sale na yon. i texted eypooh, sabi ko i'm in heaven! haha.

  3. heheheh eto na ba yung reading queue mo? dapat bigyan ng deadline!! asna na si McNaught?

  4. may macnaught dyan, isa lang.umiikot pa sa chillis yung isa e. mahirap ang may deadline, grabe. ung pwede lang magkulong sa bahay.


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