23 June 2007

wine, cheese, chillis

inspired by this entry, we were set to go out to one of the parks here in singapore, have a "sideways" night under the moon, and do a little star-gazing. unfortunately, one of us was not feeling so well, and we had to settle for having the wine-and-cheese get together at chilli n's house. but that didn't dampen our spirits.
after all, there was still great wine. though not being connossieurs, we knew we had some good ones. like these red and white (the white was a leftover australian one i brought from the wedding at boracay).
there was not one, but three types of cheeses to choose from. and all three were so..for lack of a better word: yummy! and of course, there was great conversation on a wide range of topics, that lasted long after the wine and the cheese were gone.

at the end of the night, we all concluded that it's nice to try out something different than the usual beer and chips from time to time. even in the usual things we do every weekend. we can spend it going to the malls and shop, hang out at a bar and drink booze or spend an afternoon looking at art.
which brings me to what we did the next time we all got together: visit the singapore art museum to view prints from the Louvre. it was a seriously fascinating exhibit that i'd recommend to anyone. the prints were so intricate and so detailed. and a bonus: there's a print of the mona lisa. that's probably the closest i can get to that picture...for now.
we did a bit more of exploring the museum, and there were works from all over asia, including the philippines. here are some pictures from that day. note chilli a and my matching shirts. no, it wasn't a uniform, just a funny coincidence.
museum rules dictate that pictures cannot be taken inside the galleries, so i don't have any to show. you would have to go there for yourself and take a look. go ahead, check it out. it's right in the middle of the city, you won't miss it. a few quiet hours looking at pictures and thinking is not such a bad way to spend your day.

more pictures here


  1. ang galing! pareho kayo ng shirt ni eypooh, hehe.
    inggit ako hindi ako nakasama sa Louvre este SAM. hehe

  2. oy!i was thinking that day of calling him up to check kung isusuot nya yung shirt, but i didn't. i had a funny feeling isusuot nya, and true enough..


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