25 June 2007

tj's, the bridge and pablo

this past weekend, we again immersed ourselves in art appreciation by going to the picasso exhibit at stpi. but first, there was that long breakfast, the star of which were some tj hotdogs flown in from manila by chilli f.
in the afternoon, we had a leisurely walk going over to the exhibit. it was just a stone's throw away from chilli a's flat, which gave us lots of time to have a little bit of fun..
...and discover (at least i did) that the pink bridge with colorful circles at robertson quay is actually the work of a filipino artist. i've passed by this bridge several times in the past and didn't quite know whose idea it was to add a little burst of color to the singapore river. so discovering it was a filipino was a pleasant surprise.
a few steps away from the bridge was the stpi where the master's collection was on display. now i don't know much about picasso, except the fact that he had that blue and red period, and he did cubes..a lot (memories from joining the art club in college). but this exhibit was a different one.
the collection is called the vollard suite. it's named after an art dealer from whom picasso wanted to buy works from other painters. instead of money, the art dealer asked picasso to give him some of his prints and the rights to publish them. cool, huh? and just to prove how valuable art is, i read from the brochure that picasso paid for a house with some of his paintings.
we all agreed that the guy's a genius. if you look closely at his works on this collection, you'd know that he idolized rembrandt, he had a serious obssession with minotaurs, and he had a fascination for women.
again, no picture-taking allowed inside, but here are some samples.

afterwards, we all happily discovered that we can definitely hang out in this area. it reminded us of greenbelt. and it seemed much more quiet and subdued than clarke quay. definitely one we'll try one of these days (or nights).

happy birthday to other-half-of e, k!
happy birthday to former bank buddy, now attorney, w!


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    it was indeed fun!!! sa uulitin!

    love the pics... natatawa pa din ako just by looking at it! :P


  2. dio-babe! balita ko di lang ito gimik mo for the weekend ha! awake for 24 hours? haha.gimikera!

  3. ays ays, thanks sa e-card at sa pagbati :-D

  4. kwish, kwish! you're welcome. kaw pa, malakas ka sa kin e. haha

  5. I hadn't known that colorful bridge at Robertson Quay was designed by a Filipino artist... thanks for sharing! Nice to see Pinoy art getting recognition here in Singapore :)

  6. hi ching! you're welcome. galing ng pinoy 'no? one place you can visit on the weekend. :)


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