01 June 2007

feels GREAT to be PINOY!

i've been bloghopping a lot lately and seeing this entry on other sites. and since, it's june and in eleven days, pinoys all over the world will be celebrating independence day, i thought it fitting that i should participate and tell my readers (however few there may be) what makes me feel great about being PINOY.
- pinoys have a gift for the arts. whether it's dancing, singing, painting, acting or writing, there will always be a pinoy or pinay that the world will acknowledge as one of the best. and the great thing about this is that there are still lots of undiscovered talents back home just waiting to be tapped and share their gifts to the rest of the world.
side story: on the cab ride going to the airport last week, the taxi driver asked me if i was from "the philippine". when i confirmed, the driver asked me if i knew the song "anak". i said yes, and then the most amazing thing: the driver sang the whole song!
he said it was very famous in malaysia, that radio stations still plays the song over there, even after all these years.
a proud pinoy moment, wouldn't you say?
- pinoys are becoming more aware of their social responsibility and taking an active stance in politics. take for example, the fact that a lot of artistas didn't get elected during the recent elections. of course, there were still some that did, but the numbers show pinoy voters are getting wiser.
- pinoys assimilate easily wherever they are in the world. most of the time, it's for survival that we take in the culture or the language and almost become citizens of the places where we are. and i think that's what many people from other countries like about us: the fact that we're able to adjust to any situation we're in. marunong makisama, a pinoy trait to be proud of.
so what about you? what makes you proud to be PINOY? i'm tagging the bloggers on my link page (if you haven't answered the question yet).


  1. hi ays, talagang sikat un "anak" song dito sa sg, mdaming beses narin ako na-ask if i know that song. si richie mas funny, pna-kanta pa sa knya sa job interview yon! oh dba panalo! hehe! ;)

  2. hi karen! haha. natawa ko don.. pinakanta kay papa richie? so im guessing nakuha nya yung job. panalo nga!

  3. kinakanta ni "blind keyboardman" sa orchard mrt tunnel yung chinese version nun

  4. oy ebs.talaga. di ko pa naririnig. maling timing siguro. haha


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