19 June 2007

the crazy tour guide..me

i love having friends come over for a visit. especially those who i haven't seen in quite a while, and those who understand how crazy i can get. case in point: my hs friend g dropped by for a couple of days last week. and instead of taking her to the usual tourist spots in sg, where else would i take her but to lucky plaza. lucky plaza on a sunday, mind you. and to do what, you may ask. to eat pinoy food, which she obviously hasn't missed yet, since she'd only been out of the philippines for two days.

and that's not where the craziness ended. there just happened to be a tfc party for ofw's over at the smu basement in the city where pinoy artistas were attending. we didn't plan this, this just a spur-of-the moment thing. (hehe, and i can feel my nose getting longer by the minute). but i have to give it to my friend, she was game to battle the crowd, all for the sake of having a picture with....(are you ready?) him!!
cute, huh? and lest you think that was the only picture we have of him, you're sorely mistaken. we'd already almost gotten squished by the mob, why not put a little more effort. there was actually a raffle during the show for several people to get close to the table and have a "meet and greet" session with him and the others. ha! raffle schmaffle, we say. it just takes a little squeezing through the mob, and voila!
that's the friend and housemate j. but what about me, you ask? of course i had mine too.

please don't mind the manong behind me. he thought he was the one we wanted pictures with. i'm still figuring out how to photoshop him away. oh, and it's not just him we took pictures with. still high from that brief "moment" with that guy, we chanced upon more artistas walking in to get ready for another show (or something).

we got too drained from that afternoon's event that the plan to go around the city was scratched. so my poor friend had to settle for a picture at the condo, watching "the buzz". fortunately, she was able to meet up with her former officemates later that night.

ok, as a tour guide, i do know the drill. next day, i took her around the city. see? i have proof!

hey, i just realized, that's my first picture at the fountain. it's really big, isn't it? ha! the things we take for granted when we've stayed here for a long time.


  1. Parang ang kapal ng make-up ni Nikki Gil, hehe. Jologssss!! :D

  2. hi sints! oo, medyo makapal makeup. madami yung concealer, actually.
    pasensya, jologs talaga ko. haha!


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