17 June 2007

the short boracay break

i'm going to the ligher side now and write about that wonderful weekend at the beach. you think i was there to play hooky? well i was. but more importantly, i was there along with my close college buddies to attend our hk-based friend's wedding.
there's nothing to set the start of the weekend than colorful, happy things to welcome me back to the philippines. true, it was only more than a month since my last visit, but going home's always a good thing.

when we got to boracay, we spent a few hours resting and just catching up on the latest with each others' lives, and of course, eating the best "turon" ever. we saw sandcastles built on the beach, and by sundown, dinner tables on the beach were already set for the pre-wedding party.

the dinner was a casual affair, with sumptuous food. see that teeny tiny glass there? we got reacquainted with that old college friend. gin-pom! we couldn't stay for long, because we had work to do. we had to pack the souvenirs to give away for the wedding. which, by the way, was a big hit, especially with the foreign guests.

and on the big day itself, we got all glammed up. personally, i didn't think orange was a good color for me. but i guess my friends know better, because i didn't look too bad, if i may say so myself. these are my girl friends.

here's s ang g, who we've been trying to pair up for the longest time. and that's my partner at the wedding.
they served my favorite oysters (both baked and fresh), and wine at the pre-dinner cocktails

there was a good local band that played folk music, which we enjoyed. and take a close look at those bodies. they could pass for the cast of "300". if beating drums does that to your body, wouldn't you want to get your own set?

to add more fun to the evening, there were fireworks, and fire dancing.
and the guys led us in a conga line straight to the dinner tables. much, much later, there was lots of dancing. and just when we thought the night was winding down, we all decided a little singing on our part will be fun. so we sort of grabbed the mic from the band, and took to the stage. can we just quit our day jobs and sing every night?

not to be beaten, the boys did their own little concert. that's our guys and the groom's friends singing their hearts out.
on our last day at the island, it was a free and easy day. we walked on the beach, rode a "paraw"...

and went parasailing late in the afternoon.

and more clowning around on the way back to the resort.

finally, the night ended with dinner and a little shopping at d'mall.

the next day, my friends and i flew back to manila. they went back to the reality of hearings, cases and lawyer stuff. and as for me, i waited out my flight at the mall of asia. and in a few hours, i was back to the reality of singapore.
but i had so much fun, and i can't wait to go back to the beach again. even if it's not boracay, just as long as i'm with good old friends and having a fun, crazy time.

let's have one last look...
**some pictures from college friends d and p.

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