24 April 2007

the 15-hour breakfast

*lengthy post and crappy pictures ahead. you've been warned.

have you ever had breakfast for whole day? the chilli’s had one this weekend (well, at least three of us, but the other two only had half that time, but still..). it was supposed to be potluck, and guess who turned up bringing nothing. i, however, brought my cheery (at least I thought so) self to the table, and i sweated over the stove frying danggit.. that’s enough right?

the food:

chunky corned beef and an omelette too pretty to eat, plus yummy danggit 

chicken and pork adobo, and strategically aligned ma-ling plus herbed toast

so how do you start this little morning party? you and your friends stuff yourselves and linger on the table talking about homophobes, what it means to be “functional”, rights and wrongs, good manners and right conduct, people who pick their nose in public, what to see on the upcoming arts festival, why chili a really lost his phone, chilli n’s pretty pink top, chili f’s nice printed shirt, upsetting chili d with some bad news (i’m sorry, but it had to be told) and my new mantra, or should i say, battlecry. moods swing from happy to mad to bitter to what chilli a calls “righteous indignation” and then back to happy. and this is where it was revealed that somebody’s future partner will be australian. or american. or whoever, just as long as it’s not (gasp!) pinoy. it may very well be brad pitt.
this 15-hour gathering is a celebration of what we call "badiday day" (don't ask). we fell in love with maxi and his dad, kuya bogs, kuya boy, victor (say the name with awe, ok?). we couldn’t help but sing the “batibot” song when kuya bodjie came on. and even during the movie, there was no stopping the talking. we talked about uncle bob’s lucky seven club, kiko matsing, penpen de sarapen and ang tv. but in the end, it was still a standing ovation for maxi. and the popcorn from manila.
after the movie, it was back to the table to “break the fast” all over again. hey, it was a two-hour movie. sadly, chili d had to go. but the four left had to push through. and boy, did we push through. the food was still there. a little colder, but no less tastier. this time, chili a gave me a taste of coke and our new friend, jack. powered by this magic drink, we had another four hour discussion on: philosophy, work, that little consulting firm, love life (choke!), someone’s plan to get a piercing, religious orgs that are a little twisty (or at least some members are), religion, the issues of middle kids, the brattiness of the youngest ones and leadership roles of the eldest ones, being less intellectual, how to just be “fluff” (to which chili a gave us a very graphic meaning of what “fluff(er)” really means), love, forgetting kissing, families, things we did when we were kids.
and let’s not get started on that passionate discussion on books and literature. let us just say: geek alert (and it just doesn’t apply to me..yey!). there was a discussion on how chili f and i didn’t quite get j.d. salinger, but most guys do. and tolkien, kundera, coelho, niesche, gibran, mandino, sparks, sweet dreams, mills and boon, sheldon, nancy drew, harry potter, ludlum, gay literature, neil gaiman. and the merits of printed books as opposed to e-books. chili n’s rules for how to read a book (which the three of us totally violate). and this is where i realized i found kindred souls when someone brought up macnaught. three of us gushed over the stories, and the clothes and swoon-worthy leading men. chili n was looking at us as if we were crazy. We have to convince her of the power of macnaught, so there will be someone going to the bookstore soon to purchase one.
that book discussion thing would have gone on longer, but chili n had to go. we looked outside the window and realized that the sun was gone. and we looked at the table, and realized that the food was gone. funny, because we were thinking that we would be leaving chili a with enough to last for the next day. clearly, we underestimated ourselves and the capability of our tummies.
so what do three chilli’s talk about? we talked about love, growing up, college days, high school days, going home, saving up, family stuff, kids, how we miss manila, particularly Saturday nights in manila, escapades, the quezon city circle, girlie bars, gay bars, karaoke clubs.
the only thing that made us stand up from the table was because we had to clear it up to make way for chili a’s housemate who was having some friends over for dinner of tuyo and tulingan and tomato and vinegar. the housemate was nice enough to offer the three of us to join them. who were we to turn away from food, huh?
we did realize that it was getting late, so we headed over to some place nice for a night cap. just for fun, match the drink to the chili. whoever gets the right answer wins....something.

is it capuccino for
chilli a
chilli f
chilli me

or is it a pot of orange tea for
chilli me
chilli f
chilli a

and maybe a bottle of ice-cold beer forchilli f
chilli mechilli a

did you really think it was just a nightcap without talking? what else can we possibly discuss? well, there is politics, the philippine condition, paranoia and schizophrenia, our favorite classes in college, weird teachers, edsa 2, edsa 3, martial law, parents, relatives, the whole pinoy family dynamics, and chili a’s “favorite” topic in the world: money (haha!)
and that, my friends, is what you do on a 15-hour breakfast. just plain old good food, maybe a movie and good friends who never run out of things to talk about. one does wonder how long this over-extended breakfast would have lasted if the two chilli's hadn't left so early. maybe another 15 hours?!


  1. food, food and more food. wuhoo.!

  2. hi shots! oo nga e. kain na lang ng kain..haha miss you!

  3. nakakagutom... may natira pa ba?

  4. hallo! wala ngang natira. naubos namin habang nagkwentuhan. :)


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