27 February 2007

hk weekend

this is the result of a thirty minute chat session that happened last january: a weekend in HK with friends...

i started out at the budget terminal, stopped over in manila (don't ask why) and ended up in hongkong. of course, first stop would be JOLLIBEE!

then, we just walked around (a lot!) and hung out at the harbour, at stanley street, at the ifc, and made the most out of the short time together..

and afterwards, when everyone had gone back to australia and manila, i had time to walk around on my own. since i'd already visited the major tourist places on a previous trip, i just did my thing around the city. i found myself taking pictures of the MTR stations. each one has a colour theme.

off the beaten track, i went here..

and i visited old haunts...

finally, i was in macau for about two hours. i viewed it from the back of a taxi on the way to the airport...

so that's the end of my travels for now. i have to take a break (me and my wallet) from going out of town for a while. but when the itchy feet strikes again, i wonder where i'll be next.
ps: during the trip, nikon coolpix 3.4 mp broke down again. so it's really time to get a new cam. i wonder who i can pester to give me one as a gift...


  1. at may picture talga ang "please mind the gap" na yan noh? hehehehe

  2. haha. dedicated sa yo :)


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