20 November 2006

alternative job: tour guide

ok, here's the most i could squeeze here, with my tight schedule over the weekend and the next couple of days. my lovely cousins are visiting, and i'm the tour guide. when i first visited singapore, someone had checked streetdirectory and printed out for me detailed directions from my hotel to my training office. and of course, i had my expat friends (now, co-expats) take me around. a year later, i'm the one showing people around and giving directions (eg. which bus to take, where to get down, etc) .
first stop: sentosa! lots of people, lots of pictures (of course) and lots of walking. spent the whole afternoon over there and i got to rediscover it's sites again. come to think of it, i've never gone in to the insect and butterfly garden, watch the dolphin show and climb up to the top of the merlion. so we had a great time.
oh, and another thing, it's really, really christmas! you guys should check out mt.faber. they have snow! ok, fake snow, but still you get a feel of the season. and guess what, i kissed santa! ok, fake santa, but still, jolly guy in red suit, with white beard saying "ho-ho-ho". cute! and no, there was no contact, i just blew him a kiss.
i'll post some pictures later. blogger is getting too slow these days (or maybe it's just my pc).

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