10 March 2005

book: the pilot's wife

work has been unseasonably light these days, which gives me much time to catch up on my reading. i just finished reading Anita Shreve's "The Pilot's Wife" , which had been in my book case for quite a while.

it tells the story of a woman whose husband dies in a plane crash. then how she and her daughter deals with that loss. surprisingly, the twist at the end disappoints. it was supposed to be a hallmark-movie type of book.. lots of drama, and crying or whatever..then suddenly it turns into a suspense type of book. aw, come on! and the ending, is not really an ending. i double checked the book to see if there were missing pages, and realizing there was none, i tell myself - is that it? heehaw!

for what its worth, the book taught me a bit of how we all lead double lives. not to the extreme that the guy in the book did. but don't we all show a different side of us to different types of people? do we really show how we are at home to our officemates or to our acquaintances?why do we do that?

in starting relationships, we show off the best of ourselves, right. the guy, for example, tries to impress the girl by projecting himself as mature, responsible, really funny, or whatever--anything to impress the girl. the girl, once she knows that the guy is interested in her, projects herself as poised, always well-mannered, witty or whatever--anything to impress the guy. Only for both of them to find out that the guy is uncouth, lazy and a slob, and the girl nags like a mother. the only thing that will hold up the relationship is if both of them overlook those nasty things and really love each other.

isn't it ironic, then, that we all pretend, and project ourselves differently, in order for people to want to get to know the REAL us? why can't we all just be ourselves? why are we so afraid to let others know what's bad about us? isn't that the beauty of knowing?

but that's just me, ranting. i too, pretend sometimes.

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