08 July 2004

Welcome to my blog

At last, my own little space on the Web. It was only the middle of last year that I learned all about blogs. My officemate was reading one, and I asked her what article she was reading. She said it was a blog, someone else's diary. I was intrigued at the idea. Imagine, being able to read about whats happening to some stranger,and give him or her a piece of your mind. Intriguing, indeed.

Here is where I'll be writing out my thoughts on anything and everything about my life. I have not been a religious journal writer, but after watching a lot of Oprah shows, I have found out that it is therapeutic, to be able to release your emotions through writing. And as a technologically-dependent person, I'm doing my journal over here.

Feel free to let me know your opinions on the things I write about. Let me know your name and where you're from, and I'll probably get back to you :)

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