21 January 2016

Katie is Four Months Old!

Happy New Year, guys! This is a slightly delayed post because I've been having trouble with Internet at home. Anyway, Katie turned 4 months old! This little girl was busy over the holidays, meeting family in Manila. There are also quite a few exciting developments these past few weeks.


19 December 2015

Katie is Three Months Old!

It's a few days before Christmas and Katie has just turned three months old! While we're waiting for her dad to come home, this is the result of our mini photoshoot at home. I had to dress her up for Christmas, it will be her first one, after all.

This past month, the Baby Einstein video has been playing constantly at home. She is fascinated by the colors, and the puppets. In the mornings, she watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and she wiggles in her seat whenever she hears the Hotdog Song (I have memorized the lyrics by now!).

24 November 2015

Saying Goodbye to Singapore-The Food Edition, Part 2

There are a LOT of different food places in the Lion City, so you'll definitely be spoilt for choice. But of course, finding the good stuff is always a case of trial and error. Today, let me show you my absolute favourite restaurant dishes in Singapore. I'm a pretty open-minded eater--I'll try anything once. But once I find something really good,  I wouldn't mind having it over and over.

Here are the few that have a special place in my heart stomach.

Fruit Tarts at Fruit Paradise
Fruit Tarts Fruit Paradise Singapore
I first got a taste of these when it opened in 2008 at the Fruit Paradise branch in Orchard Central mall. Their display window lures you in to try out their tarts. Ever since then, it has become my go-to place for desert or afternoon tea on weekends. Their fruit tarts are magical, I tell you. Choose between chocolate or cream-based tarts, but really, why not have both? I usually pair it with a pot of rose-flavoured tea. Seriously, it is a must try when you are in Singapore.

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21 November 2015

Katie is Two Months Old!

Miss Katie is 2 months old. Hurray!

There's quite a number of changes in Katie these past couple of weeks, it's exciting. Physically, she's starting to hold her head up better than last month. She has also outgrown most of her infant clothes, and now wears outfits for a 3-month old.

20 November 2015

Books: The Girl on the Train/Dark Places

I posted this screen capture of my iBooks on Instagram a few weeks before I gave birth. I thought I was going to be able to catch up on my reading list while waiting for the baby to arrive, but I was mistaken.I was either too sleepy, too tired or was pre-occupied with thinking what else to prepare that I only managed to finish a couple of books.

iBooks Reading List

For some reason, our TV was always tuned in to the Crime and Investigation channel. I was watching these crime shows almost everyday, JP found it weird and even told me, one day, to stop, and move on to another station. I think he was concerned all those sinister and creepy shows will affect my mindset, and pass on to the baby. So, no more CI channel after that.
My book preference, however, still leaned toward suspense and crime. I finished these two about a week apart. One was a disappointment, and the other was a compelling read.
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